Reddit closes video platform Dubsmash and integrates its technology into its own app

Reddit will close the Dubsmash video platform on February 22, 2022. After that, the app will no longer be available in the various app stores and will no longer work if it is already installed. Instead, creative filmmakers should publish and share their short videos on Reddit themselves, because Dubsmash’s technology is completely integrated into the Reddit app.

Reddit did not take over Dubsmash and its developers until the end of 2020, but then already had the goal of incorporating the technology of the video platform into its own apps. That’s what Reddit said earlier this year when the social network raised $ 250 million in new capital and doubled its valuation to $ 6 billion. This integration is now almost complete, so Dubsmash is being abandoned as a standalone app by Reddit.

Together with the Dubsmash developers, Reddit could, according to the own blogs saw significant increases in video over the course of this year. Reddit users spent 70 percent more time watching video. The number of daily movie viewers rose by 30 percent from the beginning of November to November 2021.

Dubsmash was developed by three Germans and was released as a social video app back in 2014. Dubsmash is similar to TikTok and enables comparable editing to the competitor via the user interface, filters and stickers. However, musical selfie videos are themselves limited to 10 seconds on Dubsmash.

Reddit and the Dubsmash developers have already significantly expanded the video platform for the social network. The speed of the recorded video can now be adjusted and clips cut and modified instead of having to use external programs to edit the videos. The stickers popular with younger filmmakers can also be added to live videos.

It is open, however, whether Reddit will also integrate music and sounds into its creative tools. TikTok made this popular and other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have picked up on this trend.

Like many other social platforms and websites, Dubsmash has not been spared from hacking attacks. The 620 million accounts of hacked websites already offered for sale on the Darknet in early 2019 also included 162 million Dubsmash accounts.


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