Reelgood Launches Film Matching Service


Reelgood, the platform that gathers all streaming services in one place, introduced the Tinder style movie matching feature ‘Swipe With Friends’. With this feature where you match movies instead of people, you can choose your favorite movies and watch them with friends.

Reelgood, used in the US and the UK, which brings together many free and paid streaming services including Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV + and Disney +, ‘Swipe With Friends’ It introduced a new feature called (Slide With Friends).

Instead of matching people with this new feature that works like matchmaking apps movies and TV shows you match. The new feature, which targets groups who come together to watch movies with their friends but cannot decide what to watch, saves users from the trouble of searching for movies for hours.

What is Reelgood?


If you are looking for a specific movie or TV show, it can be quite troublesome to search for this production in all services you subscribe to. Your favorite movies and series in one place Reelgood, which you can follow, comes into play at this point.

The platform, which gathers all broadcast resources in one place for viewers, without having to look at each channel one by one, which movie or series you want to watch. direct access provides opportunity.

What is Reelgood’s new feature ‘Swipe With Friends’?

We can briefly define Reelgood Swipe With Friends as a feature where you group movies and TV shows by shifting left / right and you can match with your friends. You don’t need to log in or download any application to use this feature, which you can access at


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After selecting the broadcast services you have on the page that opens Suggestions you can choose from, then start matching by sharing the URL with your friends. Swipe right what you will watch and left what you will not; Reelgood will notify you when there is a match.