Remarkable 2 in the test: digital notes couldn’t be better


Handwritten notes have many advantages over entering text with a keyboard: They are often made faster, and drawings and other markings can be integrated more easily. Even in the age of smartphones and tablets, handwriting has not died out – on the contrary: Apple continues to use the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, and Samsung is not giving up its Note series either.

Remarkable The new Remarkable 2 remains on its special path: thanks to an e-ink display with a matt surface and special pens, handwritten entries feel as if we were writing them on paper. The recordings can then be easily converted into typed text using OCR – a bridge to digital processing. In our test, the Remarkable 2 impressively shows that it is unbeatable in the field of paper-realistic digital notes.

The Remarkable 2 looks much higher quality compared to its predecessor. The plastic housing with an aluminum plate on the back has given way to a metal housing with a glass back that is only 4.7 mm thick. The first Remarkable tablet was thin at 6.4 mm, but the new model tops that again. Despite its small thickness, the Remarkable 2 is stable and feels good in the hand.

Slim case without menu buttons

The manufacturer has omitted the three control buttons of the first model below the 10.3-inch e-ink display with the Remarkable 2 – instead, the tablet is operated entirely via the screen. This is not a disadvantage in everyday use; it makes the case appear tidier. Four small rubber nubs are attached to the back to prevent the tablet from slipping during use.

With its new case, the Remarkable 2 looks higher quality than its predecessor. (Image: Tobias Költzsch /

Job market

  1. Buss Group GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
  2. DMK E-BUSINESS GmbH through Personalwerk Holding GmbH, Berlin-Potsdam, Cologne, Chemnitz

The on / off switch is installed in the upper left corner of the housing. After switching on the Remarkable 2 for the first time, we have to enter our account details or create a new one. The device cannot be used without a user account. This is due to an extensive synchronization of the data on the Remarkable 2 – more on that later. After the setup, we look at the start screen we are used to from the first Remarkable with an overview of our previous recordings. They’ll automatically sync with our new model, so we can basically pick up where we left off with the old one.

As with the first Remarkable, we use a special pen for handwritten entries in the new model. This has a higher quality than the first model and can be attached magnetically to the side of the tablet – this was not possible with the Remarkable 1 and is very practical in everyday life. The pen again uses special tips that wear out like a pencil – but not quite as quickly. The pen comes with ten tips that should last for a while.

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