Remote Working Letter from Apple Employees to Tim Cook


An internal letter has surfaced in which Apple employees reproached Tim Cook about his work plans. Employees in the letter stated that they did not want to come to the office from September; He stated that their requests were ignored and that they got much more efficiency in this way.

The pandemic process, which has been affecting the whole world since the beginning of last year and is still going on, has changed many things. It has radically changed business life.. Many people who have been working remotely or semi-remotely for more than 1 year, remote working is much more efficient agreed on. Business life, which is likely to continue like this after the pandemic, Apple’s not fully embraced in future plans. Apple employees, on the other hand, reacted to the situation.

A letter written by Apple employees and circulating the company has recently surfaced. In the letter, employees They did not welcome the work routine that would start in September. and the reasons for this. Apple employees who feel their requests are ignored CEO demands more flexible working hours from Tim Cook.

“Our thoughts are being ignored”


The Verge’ün The letter he uncovered included the reaction of Apple employees to the business plan, which will begin later this year. The reproaches and wishes of the employees were expressed in the letter as follows: “We would like to express a growing concern among our colleagues. Apple’s remote working policy and communication on this subject have already made some of our colleagues forced to resign. Because of the overlooked inclusion of flexibility, many of us feel we have to choose between working as efficiently as possible for the health of our families and ourselves, or being a part of Apple.”


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“We provide more efficiency than ever by working remotely”

tim cook

Expressing their dissatisfaction, Apple employees continued the letter as follows: “Over the past year, we have not only felt unheard, but overtly ignored at times. ‘We know many of you are eager to reunite with your colleagues at the office’ Messages like this make us feel condescending and invalid because we don’t think so. Not only do many of us already bond well with our colleagues around the world, but we bond better than ever. We hope to work as we are now, without the need to return to the office every day. There seems to be a disconnect between what the executive team thinks about remote and flexible working and the lived experience of many Apple employees.”


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One of thousands of Slack In the letter circulating on his channel and written to be sent to Tim Cook about 80 employees expressed his opinion. At the end of the letter, which reacted to the work plan that the CEO had set last week, the wishes of the employees were clearly stated. Employees create a work plan make a survey; determining remote, in-office, flexible and hybrid working types accordingly, environmental benefits of working remotely demanded that this should be taken into account.