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Tata Communications has launched the solution offering Tata Communications Secure Connected Digital Experience (SCDx) announced to make it easier for companies to successfully realign themselves to remote working and to adapt to the new, even more digital reality. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies around the world to react quickly to the new circumstances in order to address their Keeping business operations going. Since many countries are now loosening the corona restrictions, companies are looking for solutions to restructure and realign their business in view of the changed framework conditions.

Remote working as an effective solution in the corona crisis

With the SCDx offer, Tata Communications is responding to the worldwide growing demand for new forms of operation, which by a far higher level of remote working, increasing security risks, a stronger focus on digital commerce and contactless workflows. The new offer supports companies that are currently dependent on quickly deployable and efficient solutions, such as customer experience applications or stable broadband connections for remote working.

The SCDx offer includes secure and digital solutions based on three components:

  • Secure Connected Digital Workplace Thanks to industrialized, scalable and high-performance remote working solutions, employees in the offices as well as in the field can work together seamlessly and securely from any location.
  • Digital customer experience platform allows B2C companies to recreate the on-site experience of consumers in retail online. Tata Communications offers the next generation of enterprise commerce and video collaboration solutions for outstanding digital customer loyalty.
  • As supply chains become increasingly digital and become more transparent, the SCDx offering also supports the supply chain ecosystem with secure access to central company applications and significantly improved performance for third-party providers.

Digital first is on the agenda for companies

“Covid-19 serves as a catalyst for the digital transformation of companies. In the past few months, millions of people have worked from home, and consumers have even more Online shopping offers and delivery services used and organizations have got used to operating even more digitally. These changes have created a new reality because many things will no longer be the same, ”said A.S Lakshminarayanan, MD and CEO of Tata Communications.

Now that companies are increasingly shifting their focus from focusing on business continuity to rebuilding and growth, they urgently need to rethink and realign their digital strategies to thrive in the new ‘digital first’ environment. With Secure Connected Digital Experience, we want to enable companies to implement new digital work models, shorten the time-to-market and increase their agility and resistance to crises by giving them the tools they need to support their employees – to redefine the customer and supply chain experience, ”said AS Lakshminarayanan.

Remote working
The Secure Connected Digital Experience solution offers a special customer and employee experience. (Graphic: Tata Communications)

As part of the Tata Communications Secure Connected Digital Workplace-Offers, the company offers a range of services for a better and safer employee experience. Through the Partnership with NetFoundry, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Communications, provides secure, high-performance and trustworthy network access (ZTNA, Zero Trust Network Access).

Employees who work from home have secure access to applications and data in the cloud, regardless of device or broadband connectivity, with performance three to ten times faster. This is critical for companies that want to digitally transform themselves with a greater share of remote working, but have the confidence that employees can securely access documents and corporate applications over their private broadband connection.

All from a single source

The new digital workplace solution also includes collaboration and security solutions for companies. With Video, voice and messaging functions Distributed teams can work together without restrictions, while at the same time the solution enables secure access to applications behind corporate firewalls in order to increase innovation, productivity and efficiency.

The new offering will also provide a networked solution for employees that includes IoT-based wearables for employee health and safety and SafePass ™ Smart ID cards. These enable employees to be traced, as well as compliance with the minimum distance and other safety precautions in order to minimize the risks in the workplace both in an industrial or campus environment.

NetFoundry was a key factor in the digital transformation of FWD Insurance, an insurer in the Asia-Pacific region, by providing the company with a Cloud-native, zero-trust and software-only platform for its cloud access use cases. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, FWD was able to use this platform to extend the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture to include trustworthy remote access while at the same time providing a high-quality user experience for internal users and supply chain partners.

Secure remote working with an optimal infrastructure

“NetFoundry’s cloud-native connectivity was the perfect choice to support FWD on our journey to digital transformation and cloud-native applications. In the current pandemic, our usage has multiplied and NetFoundry can easily be scaled to meet our needs and make working from home easier with just a few clicks, both for internal users and for external parties. The solution helps us with that Creation of AppWANs with Zero Trust micro-segmentation. NetFoundry multiplies the throughput by 3 to 4 times, so that an outstanding user experience is achieved even with very large file transfers, ”said Shilpa Tumma, Business Information Security Officer, FWD.

The Secure Connected Digital Experience software suite is based on the company’s alignment with platforms and solutions for its customers. The offering leverages Tata Communications’ managed services resources and infrastructure to drive next-generation intelligence in connectivity, collaboration, cloud, edge and voice services, and NetFoundry.

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