Renamed G Suite: New Name Google Workspace


Google went to brand renewal by updating its G Suite service. From now on, the service, which will be called Google Workspace, will be used much more integrated with other services of Google. Some features of Google Workspace will be available immediately, and some features will be available later.

Google is prepared to facilitate the business of corporate customers. G Suiterevised. With the work done, G Suite is now, “Google WorkspaceThe biggest innovation brought about by this rebranding is that different services such as Gmail, Docs, Meet, Spreadsheets and Calendar. integrated and combined, that also make the user feel.

Google Workspace further empowers corporate customers to will make it easy. Because users can now create documents, chat with teammates, and even start video calls all from one page. In this context, we can think of the integration of Documents as a rebellion against Microsoft Office applications. Seems like Microsoft Officenow has a much stronger rival.

Google Workspace

According to the statements made by Google, the new integration features are will not be presented. For example, users will now be able to use some entry-level features such as Meet integration and viewing small preview versions of created documents. But more ambitious featureswill be available in the next weeks or months.


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Google Workspace is currently only in desktop version can be experienced. When G Suite users want to use this service on their smartphones, they will keep the current position for a while. However, all the features offered with Google Workspace will be to mobile versions will also come.

Google Workspace

Meanwhile with Google Workspace app icons is also changing. For example, the “M” themed icon of Gmail, which we have been accustomed to for years, will not be found in the renewed G Suite. Users instead colored they will be greeted with an icon. Similarly, services such as Docs and Calendar will come with new icons.

One of the important features of Google Workspace is third party support for applications. The fact that all of Google’s services have been combined may suggest that support for third-party applications may be interrupted. However, according to Google, this will not be the case. Support for third-party applications such as Zoom or Slack in G Suite is also available in Google Workspace to be continued. In this way, users will not have to use only Google’s services.

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