Renault Duster Gets ‘0’ in Crash Tests


Dacia Duster, which has an important place among SUV vehicles, received zero stars from the Latin NCAP test based on Brazil and other Latin American countries. Duster received four stars in 2019 from this test, which disappointed its users and fans.

Duster, which is offered for sale as a Dacia model in our country and under the name Renault in some countries, is one of the SUV vehicles we have seen in traffic recently. The vehicle passed the Latin NCAP test in 2019 with 4 stars. However, the model of the vehicle produced in Brazil got 0 in the same test this year.

In the test carried out, a fuel leak occurred during the frontal impact test of the vehicle. However, in the side impact test called ‘side impact’, the vehicle rolled over, the B pillar was badly damaged and one of the vehicle’s doors was opened because of this.

Received “0” due to fuel leak and tumble, recall requested:

Dacia Duster Test

Latin NCAP, due to this security weakness in the test result, produced as a Renault model in Brazil. For the Dusters recall Asked Renault. It is a question of whether the vehicles will be recalled.

Renault attributed 0 stars to changing procedures:

Renault’s Brazilian officials explained the reason for the 0 star as “Our Duster vehicles, which were put to the test in August 2021, are exactly the same as the vehicles tested in 2019. We attribute the reason for this change to the change in the procedures of Latin NCAP tests in 2020.” he explained.

In the statement made by the authorities, it was stated that Duster has ESP, blind spot assistant, backup camera and other safety equipment, but improvements will continue due to the automobile tests that are getting harder every day.

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