Report: Altmaier supports car manufacturers in the chip crisis


The shortage of semiconductor products such as microchips and sensors in the German auto industry has brought Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) to the scene. As the Saarbrücker Zeitung (Saturday) reported, the minister wrote to the Taiwanese government asking for help in solving the current supply problems. According to the newspaper, the letter is available.

Along with China, Taiwan is the most important manufacturer of semiconductor elements. The Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC is the central supplier to the German automotive industry.

In the letter to Economics Minister Wang Mei-hua and Vice-Prime Minister Shen Jong-chin, Altmaier recalled the importance of additional semiconductor capacities for vehicle construction, according to the newspaper report. The solution of the supply problems of the automotive industry with micro-chips is for him “of outstanding importance in terms of industrial policy”, since otherwise the economic recovery of the industry would be endangered in view of the corona epidemic. The German automotive sector and the industries associated with it are “very important for the revitalization of the world economy”.

The industry association VDA approached Altmaier because the lack of chips is seriously affecting car production. The VDA announced on Tuesday that discussions were in progress with the federal government on how the situation could be defused. The background is, among other things, a high demand for semiconductors: the auto business picked up earlier than expected after the Corona slump, while other industries such as entertainment electronics or medical technology also want to be supplied.


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