Report: Huawei works on alternative to Google Maps

Huawei continues to make plans to become independent in the world of smartphones and other networked devices from the US group Google, its mobile operating system Android and related applications. The Chinese network equipment supplier and the world's second-largest mobile phone manufacturer are developing a kit for their own online mapping service as an alternative to Google Maps, writes the state-owned newspaper China Daily. The "Map Kit" should therefore be officially presented in October.

Just a few days ago, Huawei unveiled its own operating system for the Internet of Things to run in China under HongmengOS and in the west under HarmonyOS. It is to run for the first time on a Smart TV of the Huawei brand Honor. The microkernel OS is traded in the group itself as an Android alternative for smartphones. These are apparently also their own services such as map set presented in the reportwhich is therefore geared initially to developers and not directly to consumers.

According to the paper, the kit is designed as an interface for local map services in 150 countries and regions. It will be available in 40 languages. The first partners are the Russian search engine operator Yandex and the parent company of the booking service on board.

At a press request on the subject Huawei initially did not respond, reports the US online service CNet, Walter Ji, who is responsible for the Group's consumer business in Western Europe, emphasized at the beginning of July several times: "We remain in the Android ecosystem." He also had not announced an increased commitment in the field of open source, although HarmonyOS should be available as free software. Android is basically an open platform and there is already an open-source version, it had been called then. It continues to rely on the partnership with US companies.

Report: Huawei works on alternative to Google Maps

(Picture: dpa, Andre M. Chang / ZUMA Wire)

Sales of Huawei smartphones had "logically" declined, according to Huawei Germany. The amount of the decline is unclear.

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In China, Huawei mobile phones can in principle already do without Google services, the company has there also has its own App Store in operation. In the course of the trade dispute between the US government and Beijing, the former had first threatened that Huawei's mobile phones would not receive updates for Android after a 90-day transition period. They would then potentially have had no access to proprietary Google applications and services such as mail, maps or the Play Store. US President Donald Trump had recently lifted the blockade following talks with China's party leader Xi Jinping. Huawei is likely to be offended by Google's dependence on US policy.


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