Report Revealing Gender Inequality at Apple


According to an unofficial study, women working at Apple earn an average of 6% less than men. It was announced that one of the company’s software engineers did the research.

There are different challenges faced by women in business life. The two most well-known examples of these are gender inequality and two phenomena called the glass ceiling. Of these gender inequality situations where women are paid less for equal work, cam ceiling on the other hand, it is used to explain that women are less likely to be appointed above certain levels simply because they are women.

Apple, which previously blocked outside research on gender inequality, cited the collection of sensitive information about employees as the reason for this. One of the company’s software engineers Dear Scarlett He was able to complete his research.

It is claimed that women earn 6% less than men:



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According to research Apple’da working women, more than men 6% less making money. Like many technology companies in the USA, Apple’s headquarters is located in the Bay Area in San Francisco. Gender inequality in the region is around 5% on average.

On the other hand, it is debatable whether this research is scientific or not. Because the research was conducted with only 2000 people and it was revealed that these people approached with some prejudices. Still Apple CEO Tim Cook’un In his statement in 2016, he stated that they are working to close the gap between men and women within the company.

There is little difference in senior management as well:



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Another result of the research is that there are positions within the company that generate more income. women, minorities or LGBTI individuals they were less involved. It was also stated that a group of software engineers and researchers will soon convey the results of their work to Apple management.

in research 1400 technical positionswere classified by job level, gender, and ethnicity. Afterwards, the median pay for any job was determined and analyzed accordingly. These analyzes also revealed the aforementioned differences. Apple, on the other hand, stated that the salaries of the employees are determined according to the salaries of their own companies and that they attach importance to equality.

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