Report: The largest smartphone chip manufacturer is called Mediatek


The smartphones from Apple, Samung and other manufacturers are all powered by an ARM processor. Well-known chip manufacturers include Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung and HiSilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei. These companies provide the fast SoCs (Systems on Chip) that are found in the luxury class devices of the smartphone manufacturers.

The SoC manufacturers Mediatek and Unisoc are less well known, but quite successful: The market researchers from Counterpoint Research use Mediatek in their last investigation 1st place among smartphone chipset manufacturers. 31 percent of all smartphones sold worldwide in the third quarter should run with a Mediatek chipset, which corresponds to around 100 million smartphones. Qualcomm followed with 29 percent of the market, followed by Apple, HiSilicon and Samsung with 12 percent each, the meager remaining 4 percent was occupied by Unisoc.

Mediatek also has fast and expensive SoCs on offer, but the analysts locate their chips primarily in devices in the price range between 100 and 250 US dollars. In addition, they suspect that Qualcomm could move back to the top in the fourth quarter of 2020, which is soon to expire. The US company would be in the lead for 5G-capable chipsets with a 39 percent market share, so the ever-increasing spread of this technology should increase the overall market share even further. The analysts suspect that a third of all smartphones sold in this quarter can transmit in 5G networks.

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More from c't magazine

If you look not at the number of units, but at the sales, Mediatek is a big step behind Qualcomm: According to the analysts from IC Insights, Qualcomm comes to almost 20 billion US dollars this year, Mediatek reaches almost half.


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