Requirements management with Jira and Confluence: The XXL webinar from Heise


A sensible requirements management including the measures for management, control and administration is indispensable for successful software projects. That Heise-Webinar am 28. September with Daniel Hecker and Patrick Rudloff gives participants the knowledge they need to use the combination of Jira and Confluence for meaningful requirements management.

Practically and with many examples, the experts explain how teams with Confluence can document requirements and set up initial templates. Together they create lightweight requirements documents for the life cycle of the system to be developed, design a requirements engineering model and implement it in Jira. In addition, participants master the interaction of Jira and Confluence in order to ensure traceability and to be able to use images, texts and mockups in a meaningful way.

In September Heise offers the webinar series “Jira and Confluence in the cloud“A practical introduction to the use of the Jira and Confluence tools in the cloud. Each webinar is structured like online training and offers plenty of space for interaction and practical exercises.

The webinars have a duration of four hours and take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participation in a webinar appointment costs 139 euros. Who books all three appointments at the same time, can save a lot with a discounted combi ticket for 289 euros compared to individual sales. All participants can not only look forward to a lot of practice and interaction, but also have the opportunity to repeat and deepen what they have learned with all the records and materials.

Those interested can find more information and tickets on the webinar series website. If you want to be kept up to date about offers from the heise Academy, you can register for the newsletter.


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