“Resident Evil 8”: Exclusive demo on Playstation 5 available

Owners of a Playstation 5 can download a demo of the upcoming horror game “Resident Evil 8”. According to the developer, the free demo is independent of the main game. So you don’t slip into the role of Ethan Winters, who will be the protagonist in the full “Resident Evil 8”.

Instead, you play as a mysterious character called “the Maiden” who has to escape from a fortress unarmed. The developers describe the Demo zu “Resident Evil 8” as a kind of short story in the game world of the upcoming horror title.

A cross-platform version of the “Resident Evil 8” demo will then follow in the spring – it is still unclear whether this will be the same experience as on the PS5. In a Twitter post, Capcom only writes of “a demo” that owners of other platforms expect.

Developer Capcom has good news for owners of last-gen consoles: “RE8” will also appear on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Previously only versions for PC, Xbox Series X / S and PS5 had been confirmed. Capcom now specifies May 7, 2021 as the release date.

“Resident Evil 8” is the new part of the cult horror series from Japan. A close collaboration with Sony had already emerged when the announcement was made: “RE8” was unveiled at a Playstation event last June. The eighth main part of the horror series takes place after part 7: protagonist Ethan and his wife Mia live together in idyll after the events of “Biohazard”.

Trailer for “Resident Evil 8” on Playstation 5

(Source: Capcom)

The game should mainly take place in the eponymous “village” and the surrounding forests. Ethan is controlled from the first person perspective again, compared to the predecessor, Capcom wants to put more emphasis on the fights.


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