“Resident Evil 8: Village” announced for 2021

Capcom has “Resident Evil 8: Village” on a Playstation stream. The eighth main part of the horror series takes place after part 7: Protagonist Ethan and his wife Mia live together in idyll after the events from “Biohazard” before Chris Redfield shows up and apparently shoots Mia as seen in the trailer.

The 2020 E3 will take place purely digitally. Developers like CD Projekt, Sony and Nintendo are showing their games in a live stream instead of on stages. heise online collects the most important new announcements and developments.

Trailer for “Resident Evil 8”

(Source: Capcom)

The game is supposed to play mainly in the eponymous “village” and the surrounding forests. Ethan is again controlled from the first person perspective, compared to the predecessor, Capcom wants to focus more on the fights. Exploring the surrounding area should also become more important, Sony writes in a blog entry.

Because “Resident Evil 8” was presented on a Playstation stream, Sony can initially write the horror game from the cult series on its own flag. Nowhere is there any talk of “Resident Evil 8” being released exclusively for the Playstation. It is likely that “RE8” will also be playable on Xbox and PC. However, it is unclear whether a version for the current console generation is also planned. “Resident Evil 8” is expected to be launched in 2021.

In addition to “Resident Evil 8”, Sony also featured a successor to “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and a remaster of “Demon’s Souls” in his livestream. Sony has also revealed the design of the Playstation 5.

Officially, the livestream was not part of the E3 replacement program – Sony had already canceled participation before the corona crisis. However, since all the events planned for the E3 are held online anyway and also fall within the same time period as the Sony stream, this distinction is more of a formality.


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