Resident Evil Village Sets Instant Player Record On Steam


Resident Evil, whose demo version was released on May 2, fully released on May 7. The game was played by more than 100 thousand people at the same time on its first day. Resident Evil Village broke the franchise’s record for the number of concurrent players on PC.

Resident Evil Villagebrought the series’ success on PC to a new point. Steam Database’e game by, With 101 thousand 376 simultaneous players He broke the record for the series on Steam. This number proved the success of the game, many times higher than the previous games.

Resident Evil Village was the most successful game of the series in terms of instant player count. The previous holder of the record Resident Evil 2 at the same time 74 thousand 227 players He had the title by playing by. The new game, on the other hand, achieved a clear success, outperforming the previous record by more than 25 thousand people.

He broke the record of the series

With demo version on May 2 Resident Evil Village presented to the players, literally came out yesterday and fans of the series flocked to Steam. With the number of players playing at the same time reaching 101 thousand 376, the game broke the PC record for the series. Thus, the second game that hosted the most players at the same time was Resident Evil 2 with 74 thousand 227 and the third game was Resident Evil 3 with 60 thousand 293.

‘A disturbing Disneyland

resident evil village

Resident Evil was hailed as a moribund series in 2017. Even the maker of the game Capcomwas in a difficult time as a company. The number of people who played Resident Evil 7, which debuted at that time, at the same time barely reached 20 thousand. But even this success was enough to recover a little after Resident Evil’s troubled debut.

Years later, Resident Evil Village, the new game of the series, became one of the fastest successful games of 2021. The game, which is considered as a big new generation production, made a splash with the demo campaigns. IGN, game “A disturbing and deadly Disneyland” evaluated as and He scored 8 out of 10.


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The game is currently on Steam 279 TL is offered for sale. Here You can access the game’s Steam page by clicking the link.

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