Results of Free SMA Tests in Ankara Announced

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced that a free SMA test will be given to couples who will get married last February. The results of this test, which allows to determine in advance whether the SMA disease, which significantly affects the quality of life of the future child, will be seen, has also been announced.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaşhas shared a development that will comfort individuals who have decided to marry in the city in the past months. requiring early treatment senior High School The municipality, which wants to prevent the disease, with Başkent University He had signed a protocol covering the SMA test for couples who applied to the municipality for marriage.

When drug treatment is not applied with the protocol in question, it can reach very serious points. senior High School It was aimed to prevent the disease and prevent the birth of sick individuals. At this point, people who get married, make sure that their children do not have SMA. test tube baby was directed. Now these testsI wish it was in every city“, the results of which were shared.

“What investment can you exchange it for?”

Mansur Yavaş and Ali Haberal

In his statements about the protocol in question, Yavaş has so far 1325 people had SMA test and from these people 26 of them are risky seen told. About this protocol, which aims to detect SMA, a disease that can have very serious consequences, Slow “What investment can you exchange it for?” said.

In these tests DNA screening is being used. When a problem is seen as a result of the tests performed on the men first, the couples are informed about this issue. Genetic counseling and genetic examination services are also provided free of charge..

to finally get married district municipalities Preferring couples are also considered. These couples, on the other hand, take the necessary documents to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and get the same service. again for free they can take advantage.

What is this SMA?

senior High School

An extremely rare genetic muscle disease High School (Spinal Muscular Atrophy)affects voluntary muscle movements. The nerve cells that control these muscles are densely located. leading to spinal cord injury Because of SMA, the brain is unable to send messages that control muscle movements. As a result, even simple actions such as sitting up or swallowing become more and more difficult for them. For more detailed information on SMA, you can check our related article.


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