Richard Branson Becomes First Billionaire in Space


Famous billionaire Sir Richard Branson, who owns about 400 companies, became the first billionaire in space today, as he claimed. Branson, who won his challenge to Jeff Bezos, is now returning to Earth.

in the past weeks Blue Origin CEO’su Jeff Bezos’un We talked about going to space with his brother. Shortly after this decision was taken, the British businessman Richard Branson, which he founded Virgin Galactic’in announced that he would go to space with his rocket before Bezos. Branson delivered on his promise today.

Richard Branson today planned since 2004. He made his space journey with his own company, Virgin Galactic. Branson, who acted before Jeff Bezos, He became the first billionaire in space.

Branson went into space before Bezos

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Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin’in 6 seater New Shepard the history of his space travel 20 July as explained. In his subsequent statement, Richard Branson announced that on July 11, he will go above the space limit with his own company. The flight in question took place today.

Branson, Virgin Galactic’s ‘spaceplane’ Unity from the ground with He went 100 kilometers high. The billionaire, who started the project in 2004, hoped to make this flight in 2007. This time got longer and longer, but eventually with the motivation to become the first billionaire in space The almost 20-year plan was carried out.

The flight was scheduled since 2004

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About the flight BBC’ye in his statements “I’ve wanted to go into space since I was a kid, and over the next 100 years, I aim to help hundreds of thousands of people achieve that dream.” Sir Richard Branson continued his words as follows: “Why shouldn’t they go into space? Space is an extraordinary place, and the Universe is fascinating too… I want people to look at our beautiful Earth from afar and take a good look at it after they return to Earth.”

Today At 17.30 Turkey time Unity rocket taking off from the US state of New Mexico, raised 15 kilometers in a large plane. Unity, which continues its journey with its own engine, At a speed of 4,000 kilometers per hour, it reaches an altitude of 100 kilometers in 90 seconds. reached its goal. Unity’s return journey is currently underway. Branson and crew, It will land on Earth in about an hour.


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Jeff Bezos’ chance to become the first billionaire in space was lost with this flight. But the competition has no end. Don’t be surprised if Bezos says, “Come on, I’m going to the Moon too” this week.

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