Right to be forgotten: French court receives penalty against Google


Google does not have to pay a fine of 100,000 euros imposed on the company. The Bloomberg reports citing a decision by the Conseil d'État in France. The sentence was once imposed because Google had failed to comply with the judicial deletion of links.

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The background to this is the so-called right to be forgotten: After a judgment in 2014, people and companies were able to apply to Google for links with outdated or misleading information about them to be deleted. The French data protection authority Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), among others, insisted in the dispute with Google that the company had to delete these links on all of its search results pages and not only on the French pages.

Google saw it differently, but a French court followed CNIL's reasoning. Accordingly, a penalty was imposed on Google after the company did not delete the links in time.

French law does not give CNIL global powers

Now that the Conseil d'État, which serves, among other things, as the highest administrative court in France, has just received that punishment, Google's position should be confirmed. The institution stated that CNIL was not authorized under French law to request that search results be deleted worldwide.

Instead, CNIL can only request the deletion of links within Europe. From the point of view of French data protection experts, this should be ruled out: If Google recognizes a deletion search, this must apply to all variants. Otherwise, the result can easily be found from Europe with a search on After the European Court of Justice ruling on the right to be forgotten in May 2014, Google received hundreds of thousands of applications.

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