Rimac and Bugatti Unite for Electric Supercar


The claim that there will be a cooperation between Bugatti under the umbrella of Volkswagen and Rimac, the Croatian electric car company, has been circulating for a long time. The fact that these claims reflect the truth has been confirmed by the statement made today.

One of the most important rumors circulating in the backstage of electric cars for the last year was the said merger between Bugatti and Rimac. In the joint statement made by Porsche and Rimac, the two companies Bugatti-Rimac It was announced that they would establish a joint venture called

While the new venture will be headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, Bugatti’s production center is where it is currently located. France, Molshem’de will stay. The end of 2021 is shown as the date when the company will start its activities.

Bugatti is ready for change once again:

Bugatti chiron

First in 1909 Ettore Bugatti The company, which was established by the company, managed to make a name for itself with the fast and stylish cars it produced during the period between the two World Wars. There were even Grand Prix wins that the company managed to achieve at that time. The company, which disappeared with the death of Bugatti, was revived in 1963 by an Italian industrialist, Romano Artioli, to produce high-tech supercars.


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Finally, in 1998, he was the CEO of VW at that time and the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. Ferdinand Piech The brand was once again revived. Since then, it has been working under the Bugatti brand to produce cars with engines that produce 1000 horsepower and at least 418 kilometers per hour, and sells extremely expensive supercars.

Here comes the Bugatti-Rimac:

rimac fridge


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Mate Rimac will be the CEO of Bugatti-Rimac in the new term, and the Rimac group will be a 55% shareholder of the new company. On the other hand, Porsche already owns 24% of the Rimac group. new firm Bugatti Chiron sees Rimac Fridge production will continue, but this production will be very limited.

Rimac said in a statement, “Of course you can buy a Nevera and get the Bugatti logo on it. we will not strike.“, he said, they will develop a new model using what they have. It can be very exciting to see an electric supercar that reaches high speeds.

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