Riot Games: Shadow Isles and Time Travel with League of Legends


What do the champions of League of Legends actually do if they do not fight in the moba? The California developer studio wants the answer Riot Games with its new spin-off and for the time being two games that were presented at the Video Game Awards 2019. Both are created by independent teams with the support of Riot.

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Ruined King is in charge of Airship Syndicate. It sends players in the role of champions from League of Legends to the city of Bilgewater and the mysterious shadow islands, after the events of the tidal fire.

This is one of the more important events in the history of the game's fantasy world that took place around 2015. Ruined King is said to continue the stories of many champions. The program is in a cartoon-style 3D style.

Quite different looks Conv / Rgence – that should be read "Convergence", so approach. The program is produced by a team called Double Stallion Games. At the heart of the jump 'n' run is Ekko, who invented a device for time manipulation.

Unfortunately, he has to find out that it triggers a whole series of unforeseen events. According to the developers, players are diving "in the city of Zaun, which offers a truly interesting and rich culture with its Juxtaposition to Piltover",

When the two games appear and for which platforms, is not yet known – but Windows PC is likely to play a role in any case. Riot Games has also recently started working on new titles in the League of Legends world. The result is a trading card game and a mobile version with the subtitle Wild Rift.

In addition, there are early plans for a competitive tactical shooter and a street fighting fighter. Within the League itself, since mid-2019, there is also the Auto-Battler Teamfight Tactics.

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