Riot Games’ Turkey Servers Crashed


Riot Turkey servers, which crashed during the official Valorant match, reacted on social media. Users shared with the hashtag #Justice4Turkey.

Turkey servers of Riot Games, which has many users especially in our country, crashed during the evening hours. Users who both canceled Valorant matches and faced problems finding matches in League of Legends reacted to this situation. Especially the fact that this server interruption was during the official match was seen as a move of Riot against Turkey.

Users who could not log in to the games shared on social media with the hashtag #Justice4Turkey. While some users reproached, others reacted by tweeting humorously. We have compiled for you the posts made with the hashtag #Justice4Turkey.

Tweets shared with the hashtag #Justice4Turkey;

Dr. Taylan Yıldız made a statement on the subject;