Rip off in the App Store: Users can report scams more easily


Apple apparently hopes for the help of its own users in order to be able to take better action against fraudulent apps: In the App Store it is now – after many years – again possible to report problems with an app directly to the platform operator and to click on “Fraud or.” Abuse “. With iOS 15, the previously hidden option appears again in the main view of every app and is now integrated directly into the App Store, as reported by users from the USA – the button is still missing in the German App Store.

Apple markets its app store as a particularly secure and trustworthy point of contact for purchasing iPhone software and also cites this as a justification for banning free app sales with (simple) sideloading and alternative app sources. Since the introduction of subscriptions with a free test phase, which then automatically turns into a paid subscription, there have been more and more cases of rip-offs: Even the most mundane apps are sometimes charged subscription prices that quickly amount to a three-digit amount per year.

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According to a previous sample in the USA, 18 out of 1000 of the top-selling iPhone apps use fraudulent techniques – and generate millions in sales, on which Apple also earns a commission. Fake reviews are often used to lull users into security and then use various tactics to lure them into taking out a subscription.

It remains unclear why some obvious frauds are not exposed during Apple’s inspection process. The group apparently only employs 500 app reviewers worldwide and does not seem to be able to cope with the flood of apps and fraudulent apps for a long time. According to the company, around one million new apps and one million updates were rejected or thrown out last year alone, but only 95,000 of them because of “fraudulent violations”. According to its own information, Apple terminated almost half a million developer accounts in 2020 due to fraud concerns.


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