Rocket Lab Tests to Reuse Rockets


Rocket Lab, a small-scale rocket company, conducted its first test in its efforts to reuse its rockets. The company successfully launched its rocket into the atmosphere.

Rocket Labthis morning in New Zealand 10. completed his mission. The company has moved seven small spacecraft into orbit on our planet. Although the main goal of the flight was successfully achieved, the company had a different purpose. Rocket Lab is critical to re-use rockets. maneuvers tried on this mission.

The only rocket in the Rocket Lab Electro. This 16-meter rocket launches into space. for carrying small loads It has been designed. Like many rockets, the Electron can only be used for one flight. After placing the satellites in orbit, it falls on our planet and is no longer available.

Parts in rockets can be reused:

rocket lab

CEO of Rocket Lab last August Peter Beckexplained that the company would try different things. The team currently has Electron recover working on. Thus, the company will avoid the trouble of making a new rocket after each flight and the prices offered to customers will decrease.

Rocket Lab, Rockets Will not bring back like SpaceX. Instead it will use a more complex system. Electron will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere as a single piece. He will then land with the aid of a parachute. A helicopter will catch this rocket in the air and take you to a ship near it.

There are still many things that Rocket Lab needs to do to reach this plan, but the company has completed the first stage test on its current flight: reentering the atmosphere. This was a very difficult task, as the rocket generated shock waves at high temperatures as it entered the atmosphere.

First test completed successfully:

rocket lab

In order to fight this challenge, the team navigation and navigation system integrated. Thus, the rocket could collect the necessary data while entering the atmosphere. However, the rocket also had a control system to guide itself during the fall. This experiment has been successfully completed today and Electro successfully returned to Earth in one piece.


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In addition to reusing its rockets, Rocket Lab has several plans for next year. Company, A second launch pad at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility working on. The plan of the company is to increase the volume of duty with two launch ramps. To date, Rocket Lab has launched 47 small satellite launches.

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