Rockets to Bring First Female Astronaut to the Moon Combined

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has completed assembling the massive rockets that will take the crew, including the first female astronaut, to the Moon. One of the rockets to be used in the Artemis mission is 65 meters long, while the others are 54 meters.

The USA, which continues its space studies, Artemis project announced that the Moon would be visited once again within the scope of this project, and announced that a female astronaut would travel to the Moon for the first time as part of this project.

One of the steps within the scope of the project was to assemble the rockets that will carry the shuttle that will be used by the crew. NASA engineersmain rocket and side rockets at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA first time brought together.

Main rocket exactly 65 meters

The length of the main rocket to be used in the Artemis mission is full. 65 meters while each of the two side rockets 54 meters has length. These side rockets will be used as boosters. The assembly process of the rockets was completed on Friday.


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This year’s Artemis 1 missions will have no crew. Before embarking on manned missions, engineers SLS rockets called Orion will perform integrated tests of the capsule.

Artemis 2 Its mission will be a test flight, including astronauts. This mission will be accomplished in 2022. When we come to 2023 Artemis 3 With the mission, astronauts will be taken to the Moon. This flight will be repeated in the following years.

The last manned flight was in 1972.



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With the Artemis 3 mission, NASA, close to 51 years After a while, it will return to the Moon. Finally, on December 7, 1972, a manned flight to the Moon was carried out as part of the Apollo mission. Artemis, who gave the current flight its name, is also in Greek mythology. She was Apollo’s twin sister.

In recent years, the Moon has once again become important for space studies. Soon China He also sent a vehicle to the dark side of the Moon and even made attempts to grow a plant on the Moon.

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