Roleplay Terms That New Entrants Have Difficulty Learning

In Character (IC)

The things you create in the role and the things you play in the role and related to your character are called ICs. IC events are disconnected from real life and have no relevance.

Out of Character (OOC)

The part that covers character and non-role events is also called OOC. That is, real-life people and non-role events playing the characters in the role fall under OOC.

Fear RP

During the role where your character should be afraid horror role you need to do. Imagine a gang of 10 people kidnapped you and put a gun to your head. against them in such a case. you can’t stand because at that time you are extremely afraid. Not doing this in the role is a violation of the rules.

What you need to know in order to perform a quality role for you roleplay terms we compiled. If there are different terms that come to your mind that are not in our article, do not forget to share them with us in the comments section.