Rolls-Royce Sets World Speed ​​Record for All-Electric Vehicles

The world’s fastest electric vehicle record has changed hands. The all-electric aircraft, developed by Rolls-Royce’s ACCEL team with partners such as Electroflight, reached a speed of 623 kilometers per hour.

The fastest electric vehicle in the world was Revolt’s car, which traveled around 570 kilometers per hour until further development. But Rolls-Royce changed that with its new electric airplane. ‘Spirit of Innovation’ The aircraft, which is called the plane, was subjected to a speed test last week.

The aircraft, whose name can be translated into Turkish as the “Spirit of Innovation”, has applied for 3 world records. The highest speed reached by the aircraft whose average speed did not exceed Revolt’s car 623 kilometers per hour it happened.

The fastest electric vehicle was an airplane

rolls royce spirit of innovation

‘Spirit of Innovation’, which took part in 3 record attempts under the supervision of the World Air Sports Federation, covered 3 kilometers in the first of the flights carried out last week and reached an average speed of 555 km / h in this flight. Reaching a height of 3,000 meters in 202 seconds The plane became the fastest vehicle to reach this altitude.


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The highest speed achieved by the aircraft during these flights was 623 km/h. It was quite impressive to reach such a speed before electric planes were even close to being common yet. Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East used the following statements in his statements after this success: Seizing the world speed record in an all-electric vehicle is a great achievement for the ACCEL team and Rolls-Royce. I would like to thank all our partners, especially Electroflight, for their efforts in achieving this pioneering success. The advanced propulsion and battery technology developed for this project opens up exciting possibilities for the Advanced Air Mobility market.

The development of electric airplanes is seen as a very important topic for future environmentally friendly travel alternatives. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that the development of airplanes that can travel long distances with more powerful batteries will have a huge impact on carbon emissions. But of course, there are still very big steps to be taken at this point. Nevertheless, we can say that it is an important development to know that we will have alternatives for fast and environmentally friendly flight opportunities.

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