Router freedom: Vodafone does not yet want to allow its own fiber optic modems

Customers should not be allowed to use their own fiber optic modem (ONT), a Vodafone representative at an information event in Süderbrarup, a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein, explained. This was reported by a reader from, who is an electrical engineer. "In office Süderbrarup, the broadband purpose federation FTTH / B is expanding (Fiber To The Home / Building) The provider that will lease the network from the municipality is Vodafone"so the reader. ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal.

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In March 2019, Vodafone said in a letter that network operators and the Federal Network Agency are currently working hard to define a suitable termination point. "As long as this work is not completed, Vodafone will provide the customer with an ONT", which for the time being represented the network termination point. Own customer routers such as the Fritz box 7590that is one level below the ONTs "Powered on to the ONT via the 1 Gigabit Ethernet electrical interface."

Vodafone spokesman Dirk Ellenbeck has confirmed the statements "The questions about the connection of a customer-specific ONT are the subject of a project group in which expert representatives of the network operators and the telecommunications terminal equipment manufacturers work together." According to Ellenbeck, the project group develops recommendations for the implementation of the publication requirements for interface descriptions of the operators of public telecommunications networks for the connection of telecommunications terminals, which follow from Section 41c of the Telecommunications Act.

Particular consideration will be given to network terminations in NGN (Next Generation Network) as well as the information requirements for the design of IP / SIP-based telecommunications terminal equipment, "who are able to use all services provided via the corresponding interface", After conclusion of the consultations, the interface description will be provided by Vodafone.

Router freedom means: can is network termination point

In terms of router freedom, the reader says: "The fiber-optic modem (ONT) can, in my opinion, technically not be a passive network termination point, thus ending the public fiber network from the broadband association or Vodafone at an example of amateur operable fiber optic subscriber line (for example, LC-APC), where to be as an end customer Can connect ONT. "

According to statements made in February 2019, Deutsche Telekom is preparing to allow foreign ONTs to join its network in the future. The approximate time window is mid to end of the current year.

Vodafone had already criticized users with their own router in the cable network in August. On August 1, 2016, the compulsory router was abolished by law in Germany. This was achieved by the secrecy of the detailed access data. Especially in the cable network, the compulsory router was common practice.