RTÜK Member: Spotify May Be Banned


RTÜK member İlhan Taşçı said that within the scope of the social media law that has been put into effect recently, Spotify may be banned. Stating that the 4 websites, including Spotify, were given 72 hours, Taşçı said that the barrier to access was inevitable.

It has been on the agenda since the beginning of the summer and entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette in July. social media lawhas already started to affect many companies operating in our country. With the new law, service providers From the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) was obliged to obtain a license.

According to the latest information coming today Of Spotify In the near future, access barriers may occur to the 4 websites it is located. In the announcement made by RTÜK, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ It was stated that it was determined that the websites were publishing without a broadcast license.

‘Denial of access is going to an inevitable place’


Regarding the access denial warning sent by RTÜK to broadcasters From the Republic to Nagihan Yılkın Speaking, İlhan Taşçı, a member of RTÜK’s CHP, used the following statements regarding the issue:

“Under the social media law Spotifyas it does not currently fulfill its license obligation 72 hours time has been given. There are platforms that inform RTÜK that they will apply after completing their preparations. For example, Foxplay has communicated that it will fulfill its license obligation. However, there was no contact regarding Spotify and no addressee could be found. Because Spotify is currently Can not find a representative office in Turkey.

If there is no change in this situation within 72 hours, that is, if there is no attempt to fulfill the license obligation specified in the law, the RTÜK administration will To Ankara Criminal Court of Peace on the grounds that Spotify has not fulfilled its license obligation by applying denial of access will demand.

The legal things to do here seem to be right. Because the law can only be found in this way. Turkey’s international prestige important for. I hope a connection point will be found within these 72 hours and the problem will be overcome by duly fulfilling the requirements of the law. Otherwise at this stage denial of access is headed towards an inevitable place.

‘This law was enacted to contain alternative broadcasting areas’

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Expressing his thoughts on social media law, Taşçı said. “I want social media law, licensing like this. voting against I am a member. But after the enactment of the law, we see the parts of what I said about the risks that the law could create at that time, which in a sense went into practice. The problems we have drawn attention have begun to occur. Providing original and free publishing windpipe of Turkey’s freedom of thought and expression of nature fields wanted to be controlled. It should not be forgotten that this law has already been passed to contain alternative broadcasting areas. ” used the expressions.

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