RTÜK punishment was hail to the TV program in Turkey


RTÜK reviewed the broadcasts on televisions. In the investigations made, it was decided to penalize broadcasts including popular channels such as Fox TV, Kanal D and Show TV. Football also published in deep white TV with MasterChef on TV8 Turkey was also cut fine.

Recently, more interested in online platforms and even heavily criticized for this RTÜK, It has revised the popular series and programs in Turkey. In the reviews made by the institution, channels such as Show TV, Kanal D, Fox TV, TV8 and Beyaz TV administrative fines it rained.

RTÜK, Kanal D’s new series, according to Anadolu Agency’s report Unfaithfulto the teacher on Fox TV, Ramo‘or punished. Also Deep Football, MasterChef Turkey and programs such as Gündem Özel were also fined. Apart from that, not many people know about channels such as Anadolu TV, Nehir, Süper TV and Dolunay INT. heavier sanctions Done.


According to the information obtained, the TV series Unfaithful had a negative impact on children and young people, and Ramo had torture scene penalty was given due to The teacher series, on the other hand, was fined for damaging the reputation of the teaching profession. The slang language used in the program Derin Futbol, ​​broadcast on Beyaz TV, and swearingDid not escape the attention of RTÜK. In the program called The Day Begins on TELE 1 the cops An administrative fine was imposed for being under suspicion without any evidence.


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Halk TV, which is mostly the subject of dissenting debates, was also fined by RTÜK. Agenda Special in the penalty for sentences established in the program named “cannot contain derogatory, derogatory or libelous statements beyond the limits of criticism of individuals or organizations“Principle was expressed violations. The reason for the punishment published in the MasterChef program on TV8 Turkey has an attitude towards competitors. RTÜK officials, a competitor crying They stated that leaving the studio damaged human dignity.

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