Russian Teenager's Fake Corona Virus Crisis Explodes Expensive

A 25-year-old is facing up to seven years in prison on a subway in Moscow, the capital of Russia, acting as if he was having a crisis due to the corona virus and causing a small-scale chaos at the station.

Spreading from Wuhan, China to the world Covidien-19 or as its known name corona viruscontinues to take life. According to the data shared by the Chinese authorities, the number of people who died from the infection rose to 2,130. The number of people infected with the virus has placed a ladder to 76,000.

A person acting as if he was having a crisis in the Moscow subway due to the corona virus caused a great panic at the station. In a video shared on the subject, Karomatullo dzhaborov It is seen that the 25-year-old named, wearing a mask. Dzhaborov, a friend after he suddenly fell to the ground corona virus she shouts. Passengers who see the young people having a crisis experience a great panic and quickly unload the train at the next station.

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After the images about the incident went viral on social media, the Russian police detained Dzhaborov and his friends on charges of "pre-designed hooliganism". The 25-year-old teenager, whose purpose is to just joke, up to seven years in prison faced with.

Dzhaborov is not the only one trying to have a reputation in social media using the Corona virus. Previously, a 28-year-old person named James Potok, who was traveling on a plane with a Toronto-Jamaica flight, stood up at once to everyone on the plane, the zero point of the corona virus recently. WuhanHe said he went to and didn't feel good at all. The man, who caused the change of the route of the plane, later stated in his sharing on his social media account that the incident was just a joke.

Video of the Russian teenager suffering a false corona virus attack

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