Same Family Killed 8 Due in Turkey Coronavirus

Eight members of a family named “Young” living in Istanbul and Rize died due to the coronavirus. The family members, who started to fear, then demanded priority from the state, saying that they wanted to examine their genetic structures and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

During the coronavirus pandemic, where we are currently experiencing its worst days, a very interesting event took place. Some of them live in Istanbul and others in the Güneysu district of Rize. 8 people from one familydied due to coronavirus. Family members who took action when this situation made them uneasy, the investigation of their genetic makeup and asked them to be given vaccine priority.

The family meets with Muhammet Genç and his son Burak Genç for the first time with coronavirus. In the test results made COVID-19The father, who was caught, is being kept under surveillance at the hospital and the child at his home. Burak Genç, who had a heart attack while isolated at home, passed away on November 6. As a result, the condition of the father in the hospital worsens and on 12 November, the father Genç dies. However, whatever happens is after these two deaths. In funerals and condolences 6 more family members who are caught in the coronavirus die between 1 December 2020 and 14 April 2021.

“Let the state give us priority”


Members of the family who became the agenda after the incident was heard Ali Gencmade some explanations. He said that this disease is not a joke, that his family is devastated by COVID-19, and that other people should also pay attention. Expressing that they think there is a problem in their own genes, Ali Genç, mild illness He states that even their relatives died, so they started to fear, and they wanted their genes to be examined. The family member who asked for priority from the state no longer wanted to lose anyone that they want to be vaccinated He added.


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Other family members Havva Genç and Sinan Genç made statements with very deep meanings. In this context, Havva Genç, that you are on cemeteries and by looking at those cemeteries, they are refreshing their pain every day, Sinan Genç is a family living the reality of the disease, nobody says this pain. what they want them not to live told. Whether the state will do anything about the family, for now Unknown.

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