Samsung Aims to Offer Tablet Experience on Galaxy Fold 2


Some details about Samsung's highly anticipated new foldable phone, Galaxy Fold 2, have been revealed. It has been suggested that the Galaxy Fold 2 will offer a tablet experience with its huge screen and S Pen support.

Samsung's next foldable phone Galaxy Fold 2 New details began to come about. A Twitter user has revealed some details about the device's second screen, foldable panel, and other technologies surrounding them.

User Ross says that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will use a UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) technology similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. This panel will give the screen more rigidity and less plastic feel. Phone foldable 7.59 inch The screen will have a resolution of 2213 x 1689 and a refresh rate of 120 Hz like the Galaxy S20 series.

Galaxy Fold 2 will come with camera hole and S Pen support

samsung galaxy fold

Samsung actually has cameras on Galaxy Fold 2 under the screen technology is not yet ready yet. That's why the South Korean tech giant will be seeing its new phone through the camera hole. Galaxy Fold 2 will be one step ahead of its predecessor's notched design. Kaynak also adds that the foldable screen will use LTPO back panel technology.


Samsung Allegedly to Start Producing Parts of Galaxy Fold 2

On the other hand, Galaxy Fold 2 S Pen It is stated that he will have support. However, the source does not provide any specific information about which screens the pen can be used for. Considering that Galaxy Fold 2 will make the difference between tablets and phones better, the pen will be an important privilege for the device.

samsung galaxy fold

The most important problem with foldable panels is from sharp objects that they could not resist the incoming pressure. It will be interesting to see how UTG will resist the pressure created by a relatively pointed object like the S-Pen.

Many people bypassed the Galaxy Fold and are expecting further development of foldable display technology. S Pen support can be an important reason to buy Fold 2. The S Pen seems to be one of the most anticipated innovations in this series for now.

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