Samsung: Galaxy Fold remains extremely sensitive


The launch of its first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, Samsung has in the spring of this year because of some sometimes embarrassing problems cancel. But even after the postponed market launch and some revisions points Samsung in a now published care instructions – consciously or unconsciously – on the fragility of the device.

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The video explicitly draws attention to the special protective film on the display. These had removed some of the first testers, so it was more damaged in the episode. Similarly, the display should only be used with "light touches". was able to test a few weeks ago the revised version of the Galaxy Fold briefly on the Ifa. We actually noticed some improvements compared to the first model variant.

But we have doubts about the resilience of the foldable screen on the inside of the smartphone. Here, evidently caution is necessary, especially as we already saw small mistakes that might have been caused by long fingernails. The reference in the care video from Samsung is therefore quite serious.

Samsung has also redesigned the joint of the device. In the first model variant, this was still a point of incidence for small dust particles, which also led to damage. Although the revised Galaxy Fold now has a new joint, it should still be kept free of water and especially dust, according to Samsung. The fact that a smartphone can be kept away from dust in daily use, however, seems rather unrealistic.