Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Retired


Samsung has retired to update one more model. Samsung Galaxy Note 8, one of the legendary phones of the technology giant, will no longer receive updates

Samsung Galaxy Note 7Launched in 2017 with a revamped design and robust battery inspired by Samsung Galaxy Note 8; post Galaxy Note 7 customers disappointed SamsungHe had been his savior.

Galaxy Note 8, which came out at a time when Samsung’s software support was not as strong as today; Android 7.1.1 after being released with the latest Android 9.0’la was updated, but had not gone further than this point. from Samsung; Since the Android 9.0 update, there has been a statement about the Galaxy Note 8, where security updates have come, where only monthly updates have ended last year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 update unplugged

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S In the shadow of the claims that the Note series will be history with the rise of the series; S PenSmartphone series Note users continue to despair day by day. Tech giant Samsung is also officially launching the four-year-old Galaxy Note 8 this week from support taking it out. The Galaxy Note 8 skips bi-annual updates and moves directly into the phase of being removed from the quarterly update program. This means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will no longer be vulnerable to security vulnerabilities from now on. unprotected means it will.

Alongside the Note 8, Samsung has also made other changes to the update list. Galaxy M22 and Galaxy M52Samsung, which included the quarterly update program; Galaxy A90, M10s, M30s and Galaxy Tab S6He also included in his two-year program. Just like the Note 8, Galaxy Tab A’(2017) has also been completely removed.