Samsung Galaxy S22 Family May Come With 65W Fast Charge


It is claimed that Samsung, which surprises with its flagship phones every year, will bring 65 W fast charging support to the S22 family this year. The 3C certificate, which has emerged recently, confirms these claims.

Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest chip manufacturers, Snapdragon 895 It is expected to introduce the chipsets in December of this year. The first smartphones to use the Snapdragon 888, introduced last year, are Samsung’unkiler had happened.

This order will not change this year, and Samsung will launch its first “Snapdragon 895will introduce its smart phones. These devices have Snapdragon 895 all its features expected to use.

65W fast charging may come

65W fast charging adapter certificate received for S22

Snapdragon 895 with many improvements faster charging can offer capacities. In addition, the 3C certificate of the South Korean technology giant, which has emerged recently, 65W fast charging corroborates their claims. The aforementioned 3C certification supports 65W fast charging of adapters a required certificate. If Samsung adds this technology to the new S22 devices, it will improve the performance of its flagships. seriously will affect.

Unfortunately, this emerging 65 W fast charging support is not available on all devices. will not come as standard. most likely just flagship We will see this feature on high-end devices, which we call as In addition, charging adapters supporting 65 W won’t work out of the box is estimated. Users who want to experience this feature can use suitable charging adapters. also buy they may have to.

S22 series will take much better pictures

S22 Ultra will come with 200 MP camera

In addition to all these battery improvements, the S22 family, which is expected to be powered by Snapdragon 895, is available in S22 and S22+ versions. 50 MP It is expected to be the main camera. If on S22 Ultra 200 MP It was claimed that it will be the main camera and micro-head camera design. In this way, the S22 Ultra can be used while taking videos and photos. will vibrate less and it is said to offer us higher quality photos.


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In the European version of the S22 family Exynos 2200 use and this processor is the first time that Snapdragon processors are used. more strong is also expected.

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