SAP: Home office until mid-2021

The Wallstadt-based software group has informed its employees by email that it will maintain the existing corona regulation until mid-2021 – as with other large tech companies, such as Google. Around 90 percent of the company’s employees currently work at home; in Germany, a maximum of 2000 of the 22,000 employees come to the office every day. That reports that Handelsblatt. Cawa Younosi, the head of HR at SAP in Germany, told the magazine, “If you want to come to the office, you can do so to the extent permitted, but we don’t want to take any risks for our employees.”

If a SAP employee wants to visit a customer, he needs written approval from his line manager. Events with more than 20 people should take place virtually. SAP is tracking according to the report a very generous approach to home work for a long time. Even before the corona pandemic, employees worked from home an average of 2.5 days a week.


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