SAS Viya will soon be running on all relevant cloud platforms

SAS has been marketing its Viya analysis platform for Microsoft Azure since October 2020. This is now followed by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. This is what the business intelligence pioneer announced on the occasion of the ongoing event SAS GLOBAL Forum. In addition, Red Hat OpenShift is to be added later this year. Around five years ago, SAS presented the first product specially designed for cloud operation.

Viya offers what is currently technically possible: microservices architecture, in-memory environment, REST interfaces and cloud foundry. Since containers and Kubernetes are now also considered indispensable, SAS had to technically improve with the Release 4.0 released in 2020.

Viya is almost on par with the traditional on-premises platform for analysis purposes. In the context of the forum it was learned that the workload management tool used there Grid Manager should also take the path to the cloud.

However, Workload Management for Viya only takes care of the application-related management tasks; the infrastructural resource allocations are left to Kubernetes. According to the provider, the product will be released this year. Further management functions are to follow in 2022, such as automatic resource allocation for analysis workloads.

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