SATANAS – self-made network storage with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4


There is more on the subject in issue 4/21 of Make.

Fast SSDs on an energy-saving Raspberry as Network Attached Storage (NAS), with SATA instead of the slowing access via USB: That is SATAN, our devilishly good and devilishly fast Raspberry project. This makes it possible Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 – a mini-Raspi version without interface sockets – in combination with an IO board.

How to use a 4-way SATA controller on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 gets up and running by compiling the operating system with drivers for SATA hard drives, among other things, is described in detail by our instructions in the booklet. Here comes Openmediavault used as a NAS system on the Raspberry. If you want, you can finally build a tailor-made housing with space for four 2.5-inch hard drives or SSDs and the power supply according to our instructions.

The new booklet also brings a lot of food for the soldering iron – and with the self-refilling RFID popcorn maker for the soldering iron too! In the meantime, the LoRa door monitoring ensures that happy chickens have a carefree breakfast egg, and with our 100-euro studio flash you could put the whole thing in the limelight in an influencer-like manner. There are detailed building instructions for all of this and a few more projects in the booklet.

The new issue 4/21 of Make is available online and at the kiosk. With one of our subscriptions the notebook was already in the mailbox. You can also use the make conveniently as a Order the print version or PDF in the Heise Shop. If you’d rather read Make digitally, you can in our apps for iOS and Android. You can also find the table of contents for Make 4/21 online.

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