Saxony-Anhalt: Online help for pedophiles with over 50 contacts


Since June last year, Saxony-Anhalt has been promoting a remote treatment project for young people and adults with pedophile tendencies, which is based at the Berlin Charité. Since the start of the project, 52 contacts have been registered, including 50 adults and 2 young people, as the Ministry of Social Affairs in Magdeburg announced on request. In two cases the relatives reported on their behalf.

“The previous response to the project has exceeded the number of contacts assumed based on experience in federal states of a comparable size,” explained a ministry spokeswoman. “This is probably due to the fact that the increased anonymity and the elimination of travel times to the treatment center lower the inhibition threshold for making contact.” The offer of help can be used anonymously and free of charge. Those affected could use a video consultation.

23 cases were assigned to the so-called dark field. Eleven cases were ruled out because they were people who were looking for help but were already serving a sentence or were suspects in a preliminary investigation. So they did not belong to the target group of the project. According to the ministry, the comparatively high number of inquiries from the “bright field” indicates gaps in the supply structure for this group.

According to the information, Saxony-Anhalt is currently the only federal state that supports this project of the Institute for Sexology and Sexual Medicine at the Charité. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, budget funds of EUR 74,000 were available in 2020. 115,000 euros are planned for 2021. In the past year, numerous cases of abuse, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia – for example in Bergisch-Gladbach – became known. In Saxony-Anhalt, the police registered 506 cases of sexual abuse of children last year, a similar number to the previous year. A high number of unreported cases is suspected.

The aim of the project at the Charité is to prevent sexual abuse of children at a stage in which nothing has happened, the initiator of the project, Klaus M. Beier, declared at the start in June 2020. According to current research, one percent of the male population have pedophile tendencies and feel sexually addressed by children’s bodies. The relapse rate for people with this clinical picture is also very high at 80 percent.


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