Scenes from Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Series Shared


Netflix rolled up its sleeves to turn the anime legend Cowboy Bebop into a series. The popular broadcasting platform shared the first images from the series. These visuals seem to be a homage to the anime.

It’s a kind of constant remaster or remake of games, covers of old songs over and over, movies and animations constantly being remade. in the era of reconstruction we are living. Although not one of the pioneers of this era, Netflix is ​​one of the biggest representatives of the last period.

Netflix, which is frequently on the agenda with successive remakes and adaptations, is shooting a live version of Cowboy Bebop, an anime legend, this time with real actors. from the production first set images came too.

Homage to anime

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Cowboy Bebop, one of the first anime that gained a large fan base especially in our country and in the west, was telling the stories of a team chasing criminals in various corners of space in 2071. An anime of 26 episodes and the production, which also had a movie, was considered one of Shinichiro Watanabe’s masterpieces.


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In the Netflix adaptation we will see three characters on the team instead of four, so it would not be surprising if we will not see all the stories from the anime in the Netflix series. Leading actors in the first post from the series John Cho, Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir is located. The trio posed while reenacting an iconic scene from the anime.

in images Spike Daniella Pineda (played by John Cho) appears in her outfit in the anime. Faye The costume of his character is also very close to the one in the anime. Even played by Mustafa Shakir Jet’in Even the metal arm is faithful to the anime’s original. Likewise, the spaceships Bebop give the air of the anime.

The release date of the series has also been announced:

cowboy bebop


A Wind of Nostalgia Continues From Netflix: Cowboy Bebop’s Series Is Coming

The main villains of the series in the visuals Vicious (Alex Hell) and Spike’s ex-girlfriend Julia (Elena Satine) don’t show up. Probably Netflix does not want to bring these characters to the audience yet. Especially the Vicious character has been the subject of great curiosity.

Along with the images, the release date of the series has also been announced. Netflix’in the date the series will air 19 November 2021 was declared. Let’s see if the series will carry the air that it managed to protect in the first visuals.

Editor’s comment: We probably won’t see Edward or the smart dog Ein in the series, which limits the number of stories that can be pulled from anime and manga. Adding stories or trying to tell the whole story in the anime can harm the series. Cowboy Bebop, on the other hand, means lots of Jazz and early Rock, so let’s hope Netflix picks music that doesn’t spoil the mood.

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