Scheduled Message Feature Comes to Google Messages

Google has begun testing a new feature, with a fairly limited ‘Messaging’ user base. This feature allows text messages to be sent on a specific day and time. It is currently unknown when the feature will be available.

US-based technology giant Google, one of its popular applications Messages started testing a new feature for. This feature, which started to be tested with a very limited user base, planned it allows them to send messages.

Tested in the Google Messages app, this feature will make it easy of the kind. Because a user can view a message he / she prepared with this feature. On any day, at any time able to send. Moreover, users can only use the Send button to use this feature. hold on will be required.

This is how the new feature tested in Google Messages looks like

Google Messages

The feature that Google tests in the Messages app is different to users. advantages provides. For example, a user can use this feature to automatically select the presented dates or manually select a date and time for a message. In addition, users can make arrangements about the message until the time it will be sent, if they wish, this scheduled message delivery they can cancel.


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When the message scheduling feature that Google has started testing will be available for now Unknown. However, it seems that the feature is currently ready. In other words, the company’s launch of the scheduled messages feature is now a matter of time. By the way, we have to say that the feature is currently only available for text messages, so the feature scope is also available to expand.

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