Scientific Committee Member: Temperature Reduces COVID-19 Infection


Scientific Committee Member Ateş Kara, in a recent statement, said that the speed of transmission of coronavirus slows down at temperatures above 25 degrees. He stated that this slowdown was 3.1 percent in 1 degree increase.

Since the first period of coronavirus pandemic, the issue of whether the virus will decrease in hot weather has been frequently discussed. Scientists, who said that this virus can withstand very high temperatures, explained that the ultraviolet rays provided by the sun are effective in killing the virus, even if it is not the temperature.

3.1 percent drop at 1 degree

Recently came to our country from Africa heat wavespoke again of the effect of temperatures on the rate of propagation of COVID-19. Scientific Committee Member to this question, which has confused many people Fire Black replied. Speaking of research done in Harvard and MIT, Kara said,It showed that the air temperature above 25 degrees caused a decrease in SARS-CoV-2 transmission. However, since this does not mean that it is not infected when the weather is hot, we should continue with the precautions. Increases one degree, 3.1 percent reduction in contamination" said.

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