Scientific Research Will Be Made With The Technological Headband

The technological headband NeoRhythm, which was launched last year, has become part of a great scientific research. Scientists will get answers to some questions about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy technology, with data from people using this headband. Experts have already obtained the consent of 1,500 people.

A technology company called MDCN, in 2019 NeoRhythm announced a headband named. This headband has attracted attention by holding the title of being the first motion-controlled headband in the world that has proven effective for neurostimulation techniques. In fact, the company used this headband worldwide within a year. 8.000 managed to sell to people. This product has now become part of one of the most comprehensive scientific research in history.

As a matter of fact, MDCN was not very hopeful when launching the NeoRhythm project. The company has already started a crowdfunding campaign in order to sustain the project, 25 thousand dollars had asked for help. However, people’s interest in this interest $ 1.7 million helped to collect donations. NeoRhythm, which has turned into a product thanks to these donations, will now facilitate the work of scientists with the data obtained from consumers who use these products.

NeoRhythm, this is how it looks


NeoRhythm uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy technology (PEMF), a headband that is also sensitive to motion. The function of the product sends some rhythmic pulses to the brain after it is worn. These impulses, harmless to the human body, force the brain to take action for an event. So using this headband your sleep patterns You can adjust it, relieve your body aches or focus more on what you are doing. Of course, it is possible to increase these examples.


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The number of headbands using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy technology is very few. In addition, regarding this treatment method, which can be considered new, lots of research to be done has. Here are the scientists who continue to work within the European BION Institute and Frontier Science, which serves in the USA, by using their preferences in favor of NeoRhythm. comprehensive they decided to conduct a study.


According to the explanations made, scientists, through people who use NeoRhythm, how PEMF is effective in different conditions, what frequency the brain needs the best for an event and this treatment technology in the long run They will try to find answers to questions about what effects they have. Moreover, scientists have already taken over 1,500 people. received his consent they are. This means NeoRhythm will mediate the most comprehensive PEMF research in the world.

Meanwhile, NeoRhythm, which turned into a product with a crowdfunding campaign, is currently the company’s own Web site can be purchased through. The company costs $ 309 (approx. 2,450 TRY + taxes), and $ 539 for consumers who want to buy two (approx. 4,300 TRY + taxes).

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