Scientists Developed Weight-Resistant Material

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have produced a ‘super jelly’, which when compressed is like ultra-hard glass that can withstand external influences and weights.

Scientists carry out important studies for many products and materials that will make our lives easier. As a matter of fact, the productions that emerged in the direction of science make very important contributions to life in general. produced by scientists from Cambridge University.super jellyLooks like it will take a special place among these productions.

Researchers, if it can withstand external influences and weights, but in a normal state a soft jelly They developed a material that stood in This super jelly can withstand the equivalent of an elephant, or even higher. This resulting material 80 percent water, the remainder is made up of polymer mesh.

Biomedical and can be used in many fields

The part of the material other than water controls the mechanical properties of the material. Soft yet extremely strong, this material soft robotics, bioelectronics, biomedical and has the potential to be used in many other important and critical areas. This new material produced returns to its original state, even if a large weight passes over it.

Making a statement about this product, the results of which were published in the journal Nature Materials, the first author of the study, Dr. Zehuan Huang said,We use crosslinkers where two molecules are joined by a chemical bond to make materials with the mechanical properties we want. We use reversible crosslinkers to make soft and flexible hydrogels, but hard and compressible it is difficult to make a hydrogel and it is completely illogical to design a material with these properties” said.


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Scherman, Director of the Melville Polymer Synthesis Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, said:This material, which has 80 percent water content, will burst like a water balloon You would think, but it is not. Stays firm and withstands large compression forces“Researchers are striving for this material to be used in many fields.