Scientists Discover a New State of Water

US scientists have discovered a new state of water, the main source of life. Scientists who smashed a piece of ice with a laser investigated by overcooling. In the investigations made, it was concluded that water can maintain its liquid state even at temperatures such as -138 degrees Celsius.

Water, which is of critical importance in terms of the sustainability of life, to surprise continues. Scientists conducting research on water in the USA, a new state of water they discovered more. This discovery refutes the belief that “when water freezes, it necessarily becomes solid”.

Although scientists have done so many studies on water, not enough work has been done they think. As a matter of fact, it can be understood with the latest discovery that this idea is correct. Because, according to the last experiment, water freezes only when there are crystallization nuclei. Experts say that without these solid cores, water maintain fluid state they say it is inclined.


Water has a different structure than many other liquids. Because freezing water, instead of shrinking expanding. As a natural consequence of this, its density decreases and it goes up instead of sinking to the bottom. Here is the latest research shows that water actually does not freeze that well. According to scientists, water, when suitable conditions are provided, does not crystallize and liquid-liquid continues to remain as two phases.


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Research by scientists is that extremely cooled water is actually may not freeze is showing. Moreover, experts have made it possible to reach this result at temperatures well below the freezing temperature of the water. While performing this experiment, experts who use laser to smash an ice, supercooled juice they reached this interesting result by creating.

The second phase of supercooled water, denser water


While doing the research, scientists -138 to -28 degrees Celsius They express that they watch water in these temperature ranges. However, according to the investigations made, the water that should freeze at 0 degrees Celsius at sea level is completely crystallized. didn’t happen. Saying that the second phase fluid discovered during the research is denser than water, the scientists say that both phases continued to exist throughout the process.

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