Scientists Find What Wears The World


Scientists have come across very interesting information during their research about what is slowly killing our planet. According to research with hundreds of fossils, the main reason is humanity’s destruction of the planet. So how can man be protected from this disaster?

How mankind must know the Earth at least once in your lifetime. destroyed You must have heard or seen a news about. The world is slowly towards the abyss drifting and all of the smart people who research our planet say this is true because without making the world worse we can’t stop.

Seas plastic filling dead dinosaurs we burn and warm with them and keep our vehicles moving. On top of all this, the earth is playing with its shapes, constantly changing them we spoil. You didn’t really think these would have any consequences, did you?

Earth’s extinction:


There are dozens of studies on how we destroy our planet. According to the latest research, what we have done in our recent past is only a small part of this. It seems that humanity 4,600 years or a little longer. According to the research published this week in Science magazine, the weathering of the world’s vegetation from the day he first started agriculture available since.

Hundreds of polen fosili According to the in-depth research carried out on it, a timeline was created and 18.000 year gone back. After processing the information from so many fossils, when did the world begins to deteriorate was found.

What happened after the Ice Age?

Tam 1181 According to the study with the fossil, the change occurred just after the Ice Age. Late Holocene It was understood that it started in the ages called. The Ice Age both accelerated the events a little more and in the period that followed, humanity muazzam discover the power of nature for agricultural fields slowly fray started.

The emerging information is both surprising and quite terrifying. According to the information given by the researchers, humanity prevents the Earth from throwing plastic into fossil fuels and seas. long before started to spoil. But if we could keep these things under control, maybe he was “the last straw“It would never happen and we would have a chance to fix everything.


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Now, the greatest favor that humanity can do to itself is to stop leaving plastics and other inorganic materials to nature as soon as possible and to clean energy sources it looks like the bias.