Sea Level Rises by 18 Meters After the Ice Age


A group of scientists conducted a study that revealed how high the sea level rose after the last ice age on our planet. The data obtained in the research offer a new perspective on the potential consequences of climate change.

We knew that with the warming period after the ice age, melting glaciers caused sea level rise. A recent study is that this how much to rise reveals.

According to research conducted at Durham University, one of the UK’s most established universities, the post-ice age melting on our planet caused sea level. He raised it up to 18 meters. Of course, this increase did not happen in a short time with our perception of time. According to research, sea level rise every hundred years after the ice age about 6 meters happened. The fact that sea level has risen by 6 meters in every century indicates a “fast” rise.

It has also been determined which ice sheet is responsible for the rapid rise in sea level:

ice age

According to the data included in the research, approximate 14,600 years ago At the end of the last ice age, sea level was approximately It happened 10 times faster. The research team also determined which ice mass caused this rapid melting.

Until now, the general judgment on this matter was that the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet caused this rapid rise. However, after the latest research, Antarctica has the least impact on the rise. was discovered. The ice sheets that are mainly responsible North American and Eurasian ice sheets was found to be.


It has been discovered that the effects of the ice age that ended 12 thousand years ago in the Black Sea continue

The research team is now ready to melt this massive ice sheet. what caused to detect and melt water into the oceans on ocean currents It aims to reveal what kind of effects it has created. These studies help us to understand and understand what kind of a landscape similar glacial melts that are experienced today will create in the future. will help us prevent will bring results.

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