Sea Slob Returning to the Gulf of Izmit Viewed From Space


Sea slobber, which was previously removed by municipal works, has recently returned to the Gulf of Izmit. The mucilage layer, which affected the coastal part, was reflected in the satellite images. Cem Say shared his worrying mucilage photo on Twitter.

Municipal clean-up Sea saliva cleaned many times from Izmit Bayreturned to the bay. Gulf County of Yarımca The saliva layer covering the coastline continues to threaten the life of the sea creatures in the region.

Sea saliva that causes very unpleasant views in Izmit, to satellite images also reflected. computer engineering teacher Cem Say shared the deplorable images on Twitter.

Giant mucilage masses engulfed the Gulf of Izmit again

gulf of izmit mucilage

The foamy, sticky layer that has been tainted for months in the provinces adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara; He returned to Izmit because the triggering reasons were not resolved yet. One of the reasons, global warming, had raised sea temperatures earlier in the year, causing drooling. Besides The fact that the Marmara Sea is actively polluted was also among the causes of saliva formation.

The mucilage problem, which had surrounded the region before, was cleaned by the municipality teams each time. Trying to clean for 2 monthsin the world pressSea of ​​Marmara is dyingThe situation that speaks for itself with the headlines ”; reflected in satellite images.


Sea Slobber Statement from Professor of Maritime Faculty: Urgent Action Plan Must Be Made

Images of the mucilage layer returning to Izmit Bay were shared on social media. The bird’s-eye view photo shared on Cem Say’s Twitter account revealed the seriousness of the situation. Twitter users commenting on the photo, comparing the sizes of vessels and mucilage masses it will be difficult to clean; instead of cleaning it every time pointed out that it makes more sense to stop polluting.