Sea Slobber Statement from Professor of Maritime Faculty


About sea saliva (mucilage), which has been on the agenda for the last few weeks due to its increasing effect in the Marmara Sea, Prof. Dr. Important statements came from Mustafa Sarı. Sarı said that if measures are not taken, this situation will appear more frequently and more intensely in the coming years.

In the Sea of ​​Marmara, in the last few months, it has been covering the surface of the sea and affecting the deep. mucilage formation is happening. At the last point of this formation, the sea surface in many parts of the Marmara Sea is completely covered with a slimy mucilage. This formation, which causes the death of sea creatures and disrupts the biological structure of the sea, It poses a risk to the future of the Marmara Sea.

After the subject came to the fore of social media with the mucilage covering the sea surface thoroughly, statements began to come from scientists. After the hydrobiologist Levent Artüz, whose explanations we gave on the subject in a news we shared the other day Dean of Bandırma On Yedi Eylül University Maritime Faculty Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sari also made statements.

The formation of mucilage is actually natural, but the amount is not natural:

sea ​​saliva

Mentioning the reasons for the formation of mucilage in his statements to Sözcü, Sarı states that this formation is actually common in seas such as the Marmara, Mediterranean and Aegean, but the excessive formation observed this year is alarming. The main reasons for the formation Overheating in the Sea of ​​MarmaraStating that the sea is stable and has been used as a waste sea for many years, Sarı said that during his dives, up to 30 meters of water He says the entire area is covered with mucilage.

According to Sarı, who said that the biggest impact of the situation was on the ecosystem. The problem also has different implications.. Stating that fishermen, tourism and many other topics will be affected by this situation, Sarı invites everyone to work for the solution of the problem.

‘Emergency action plan for mucilage should be prepared’:


Stating that Marmara should not be used as a waste sea anymore, Sarı said, ‘‘There is something we need to do urgently; Whoever is around the Marmara Sea, all municipalities. Regardless of party, governorships, district governorships, non-governmental organizations, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, universities We should all come together. We should talk about a single agenda at one point. We should prepare an emergency action plan for miscella. And the spirit of this plan should be to develop a new waste management policy in the context of climate change. The current management policy has very old perspectives. It’s built on top of it.” sums up what needs to be done.


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Municipalities and industrial organizations waste systems not working activelyAccording to Sarı, who says that it seems to work only on paper, this problem will be a problem in the coming years unless urgent action is taken. more often and more intense will repeat with effects.

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