Search for Face-to-Face Education in 8 Cities for Heavy Profit


It was announced that education was suspended for varying periods in 8 provinces, including Istanbul, due to heavy snowfall.

Surrounding the world to the coronavirus pandemic One of the measures taken against it was the suspension of face-to-face education. On the other hand, gradual transition to face-to-face training Turkey had already decided tomorrow for the opening of schools and kindergartens throughout the village.

Due to heavy snowfall throughout the country In 8 cities face-to-face training was suspended before even starting. Explanations came about the duration of the break given from the governorships of the relevant cities.

Search for face-to-face training in Istanbul for 2 days


Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikayaface-to-face education in all educational institutions due to snowfall and storm. Until February 17 announced that he was taking a break. Bursa Governorship also made a statement and announced that the face-to-face training, which is planned to start tomorrow, was delayed for 2 days due to snowfall.

In Balikesir Governor Hasan ┼×─▒ldak said that the face-to-face education, which is planned to start tomorrow in schools in the city, is due to heavy snowfall. For 1 day announced that he was delayed. In Edirne, it was announced that face-to-face training was suspended for one day due to the snowfall that increased its effect in the city center and some districts.


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Expected to increase the effect of snowfall In Sakarya As a precaution, it was decided to suspend face-to-face training for one day. Another city where face-to-face training will be delayed one day due to snowfall Canakkale happened.

In Tekirdag It was stated that face-to-face training was delayed for 2 days due to heavy snow, icing and possible risks in transportation. In Kastamonu Face-to-face training was suspended for 1 day as it was expected to increase the effect of snowfall.

Distance education continues



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Statements from the governorships of that province affiliated to governorship It affects the units. Consequently, although the transition to face-to-face education has been postponed in some provinces, there is no change in the plans made throughout the country. In addition, distance education will continue for students who will not start face-to-face education.

According to the progress of the pandemic in other levels It will also be clear whether education and training will come face to face. Recently, both in primary and secondary education and face-to-face education in higher education Whether to pass or not continues to be debated.

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